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The Fresas are Here

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  1. Ali Enrique Razavi says:

    So are you suggesting Mexican nationals are responsible for corruption in El Paso?



  2. WHAT says:


  3. Ni modo says:

    El Paso’s location on border doesn’t help with corruption. While I wouldn’t blame Mexico, one influences the other. The advantage that Mexican money folks have is they are smarter than our politicians so they mold them and control them with ease.

    Our money folks certainly have a hand in el Paso’s problems. The Mexicans and Americans share the common goal of control and greed, so one hand washes the other.

    The chaos and ineptitude of our officials is easily explained with the dots connecting. Like a tug of war, they struggle with pleasing their “friends” on both sides of the border and self enhancement for future political careers. Their ineptness is explained further by selection as someone that will do anything to get their piece of pie. The money folks handle the politicians like children. Rewarding them with an occasional piece of candy for “good behavior”.

    There are a couple of politicians that at least appear to be trying to serve the community. How will before they slide into the slime? Hopefully never.

    El Paso along with Mexico is stuck in the 1800s. The cattle barons still own and/or control everything or decision makers. Cross them or question them and here comes the “hired guns” to get you back in line. These people have a pit bull grip on the region and will for decades to come. They are enjoying the power and money. The region is a playground for them in that THEY decide development, investments, policy. They even play with their toys (people) to make them do as the notion hits them.

    The only possibility of breaking that grip for the say enough is enough and start voting the idiots out of office. Get some honest and intelligent candidates. Have the voters given up hope or down beaten to the point of apathy ?

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