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The Silence is Deafening

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3 Responses

  1. Vendetta915 says:

    The reason why the the Times doesn’t report on this other then they are involved is because they all come from the same back ground per say. Look at the job positions or degrees that these individuals held and have. The only time a scandal comes to light is when the puppet masters get tired of paying those in office for their services. What does new blood mean, cheaper politicos means they spend less to accomplish what they want

  2. Ali Enrique Razavi says:

    If Veronica thinks Jaime is a “stud”, man, she must think I am George Clooney.



  3. Listen to the Whisper says:

    Actually, the message is very clear.

    The newspaper is ignoring its responsibility to report the news. Keep the public informed and where there is wrongdoing, expose it.,

    By not reporting the the chaos at city hall and the county, on the plus side at least we won’t read the bs spin. The other plus side is they have proven that stories are dictated by others. It ain’t the newspaper staff that’s for sure. The negative, well prepare for another screwing.

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