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The Claudia Ordaz Text Messages

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4 Responses

  1. Suckerville Texas says:

    This should be an eye opener for the voters, drone voters and nonvoters.

    The obvious conclusions are that the three amigos and deep throat used and abused Ordaz. A very naive young lady that fell victim to the fake flattery. She wasn’t ready for city council and she isn’t now. Let alone for any future office. She lacks knownledge, judgement, understanding public service and confidence. This is exactly what happens when voters allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into voting for unqualified candidates. Ordaz, save yourself and change professions.

    The whole fiasco was about manipulation of city policy for enhancement of imagine and control by a few. The city has no idea where’s it going and county is hopping on one leg with no idea what do with the other. Yet the county clowns honestly believe that while the county is failing they have the ability to govern the city. Well, look around and see for yourself what has been the results. Total Disaster !

    What is absolute stupidity is they still associate with deep throat for guidance. Deep throat is about himself and will do whatever will benefit him. Niland learned this lesson the hard way and that he is untrustworthy. Common sense would tell you not to trust someone that abandons a family and scars the other family with vicious degrading of a parent’s indiscretions. But they gave him a pass. He was the not the victim, WE are. He just smirks at the whole situation. I nearly vomited when I read that some are family. That to me would be embarrassing and scary. If he had no hesitation in destroying his families, what about you. We are seeing someone that will do evil without conscience and blame others for his actions. Research the symptoms, there is a psych label. Rumors, lies, personal attacks, betrayal, manipulation, fabrication of information, arrogance and self importance are deep throats character traits.

    The lesson wasn’t learned by any of them that association with deep throat only results in damage to reputations and raises questions about judgement. He needs to be shown the door everywhere he appears. There was a good reason to show him the door at another government entity. But that wasn’t enough to wake them up. They continue to seek his guidance about dirty politics by whispering over phones and meeting in back rooms. They have the results now, everyone that associated with him is going down the tubes. Which one of you will be next ?

    There is nothing genius about deep throat, he is being used as well while thinking he is “one of them”. The kid that tries hard to be included in the popular high school crowd, while they just keep him around for their errands, jokes and dirty work.

    There needs to be a more thorough search of communications at the city and county. I’m sure there will be many confirmations of wrongdoings. No wonder others fought tooth and nail to prevent disclosure of communications. Stephanie Townsend fought hard to shed light and was viciously attacked for her efforts. Expect the same for others that seek transparency.

    They like to holler “tear down that wall”. Well let’s see if any of them are willing to do that. Suckers voting for suckers to be led by suckers. The city and county symbol should be a “huge lolly pop”.

  2. Jaime the con says:

    Super excited to see the fireworks at council today. Bringing popcorn and soda to the show.

  3. Question says:

    How do you know if the video matches the sequence of text messages?

    • Hello, The city clerk announces the time at the beginning of the meeting (video). Based on that, I convert the time (length) on the video and correlate it to the time stamps of the text messages. I hope this answers your question.

      Thank you for asking and for reading my blog,

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