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Manufacturing Crisis to Deflect Attention

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5 Responses

  1. Here We Go Again says:

    Martin, you figured out her scams, right on point !

    Whether she likes it or Texas was a Confederate state and El Paso was the site of a Confederate fort. Research the history, there were many Mexicans and Blacks that served with the Confederacy.

    Who in the heck gave her the authority to decide what is history and art ? She needs to go, we already have the other two clowns. Perez, whose sole purpose is to tell her how great she is. The other clown Stout, carries her briefcase to meetings and is a bubble head to everything she states.

    I totally agree she is always creating controversy as a distraction. The sodagate deal died overnight. She ate the highway naming issue, totally screwed up the hospital situation. Of course be prepared for the entire court to do the fainting goat routine and no recollection of anything about the fiasco. That whole court reeks of arrogance and stupidity.

    I wonder how long it will be before the city earns the official title of the worst government entities in the US.

    My biggest fear is that people will fall for the distractions, forget everything and send her to Austin. How embarrassing that would be. FBI or HHS please start an investigation and get some indictments. Move over Luther.

  2. woodpecker says:

    El Paso is the laughing stock of Texas for many reasons but this is probably at the top of the list. No one, including her mentor Ray Caballero, could have imagined how exceedingly stupid the electorate is in this county. She is trying desperately to avoid an investigation into Children’s, UMC, Ascarate Park, and other boondoggles that KVIA and the El Paso times continually attempt to deflect for her. KVIA has earned the reputation as a mouthpiece for Veronica, Susie, SteveO, and BetOH. It all goes back to trying to be too cozy with the wicked politico’s that make El Paso an island onto itself.

  3. G.E. Nieto says:

    Sad state of affairs, with these low life politicians that think they can continue their back door deals and outsmart everyone. Yes apathy runs rampant and voter turnout is low but thanks to their own ignorance they hang themselves.

  4. Jerry K says:

    You don’t get the government you deserve. You get the one you voted for (or did not vote for).

  5. Here We Go Again says:

    Make it a point to review the released emails and texts that were obtained by Max Powers and liste on Refuse the Juice.

    It will confirm all our our suspicions about them. Very eye opening.

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