Petition to Commissioners Court and Others

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  1. Stench in the Air says:

    Once again you nailed. Keep doing it, people are finally starting open their eyes.

    You have exposed the innuendo, lies, sleight of hand, winks, mismanagement, waste, treachery, ineptness. I have run out of adjectives.

    There is a saying I read somewhere that really applies to this whole fiasco. “They are trying to figure out which end of the turd, they can pick up”. They can spin all they won, everyone of them on city council and county and now state have been caught red handed.

    After the fraud committed to obtain federal funding, they need to do an intense investigation. Such an investigation will lead to the authors of the Children’s Hospital construction. We might see another round of indictments. The County DA is staying mum as usual. The state and federal folks are trying to intervene so they get a pass for fraud. They will use the same bs that started this bs. “It’s for the children”. They don’t want to repay the federal funds, fake rent, which is estimated at 30 million. Although the judge is not sure, really ? Is she trying to evade the question or once again have idea of what she’s doing. They sure don’t want to do time or lose their stranglehold.

    One thing I would guess is that someone over the board either suggested the fake rent or at least sanctioned the idea. I can’t imagine the board members even trying without some cover. The admission of fraud came about because they decided they weren’t going alone. The dogs have gotten the scent and are closing in. There is a lot scrambling, sweating, spinning facts and deal making behind the scenes.

    Martin, I believe thru his efforts will force a change in the El Paso political climate. Some of these people are up for re-election very shorty or within a year. Voters need to vote, party line voters need to become informed, unregistered need to register. The public is told repeatedly that if they don’t vote a the pre-selected they will lose all the freebies. Well, that estimated 30 million dollars and all the other wasted /mismanaged monies could have been used to improve things around here. So by voting as told, you’re getting screwed !

    By the way, why are the city council and county positions so elevated so we are forced to look upwards when speaking with them? Don’t they feel superior enough ? It ain’t for safety reasons because there are plenty of law enforcement or contract security at the meeting. Maybe it’s time to have those thrones lowered to our level so we can look in their eyes during the meetings. They walk around with their noses up in the air as it is.

    Martin, “Tear Down that Wall” !

    • Jerry K says:

      If you think a fraud was perpetrated and, unlike Martin, you have standing as a local resident, then ask the state AG to investigate. Just write him a letter. Ditto the Feds (FBI and Medicare/Medicaid Inspector General). My guess is that the AG won’t touch it because it is a local issue and the Austin GOP crowd just delights in watching El Paso drown in its own doo-doo every year. But the Feds are Dems and won’t go after their fellow Dems in El Paso.

      It took a GOP Bush administration to open the local FBI corruption investigation into the Jones boys.

  2. Thomas says:

    Jerry K
    The Texas AG would not touch it because it is the job of the local D.A.’s office. Jerry K need to go read how the law works in such matters in the state of Texas. All the law enforcement agencies are easy to find but the one that should step forward should be our Sheriff but he will not because he has to feed from the same political trough as the others in El Paso. Hey any one can file a complaint getting them to act on it is another matter.

  3. Thomas says:

    Jerry K and whether he weighed in or not it will be sent back to the local D.A’s office for prosecution. Please do tell us how the Texas AG weighed in. Texas Rangers on the way? We can only hope!

  4. Stench in the Air says:

    Jerry, you must have missed the article about a week ago, where two board members admitted they lied about the rent in order to qualify for Federral funds. Also one of the headlines stated “rent is not rent” or a similar title. I believe it was yesterday or Sunday’s paper, they report that the Congressman was trying to intervene with Federal officials to do away with penalties that would hurt the Childrrens Hospital. So it’s not my opinions, they’re reports.

  5. ELP Tax Guardians says:

    Thank you for the article on our petition. Currently we have over 400 signatures and have received some not very nice comments from Veronica Escobar on Twitter. Check them out @elptaxguardians

  6. RiggedElPaso says:

    Please don’t hold your breath waiting for a local investigation because it will not happen from the locals. At the end the judge will seal everything for corruptions sake.

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