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Scratch My Back and I Will Scratch Yours

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4 Responses

  1. Flea Bitten says:

    This is exactly why the mayor needs to reconsider his appointment of wilson to anything that is related with the city.

    There are too many unanswered questions about her. If he is serious about restoring trust he will disassociate council and himself from her. I would like to know what skeletons she knows about. If there’s none, then she’s one heck of an arm twister.

    While we’re at it, the whole council needs to reconsider their associations and endorsement of people that have credibility issues. What they do after they leave office is up to them. But, while in office, I strongly question their judgement in selection of friends. The same people are always found at the root of unethical or shady manipulations within their personal and public life’s. It is unbelievable !

    All that back scratching and the public is left infested with fleas with no relief in sight. Once again, I place the blame on the public. The public is fully aware of the problems but elect these so called officials year after year. By electing them, the message is that the bad decisions and shenigans are condoned. That’s all the encouragement they need.

    They’ve already been caught with lying about the city’s safest city title. Didn’t even make the top ten list, but it’s all good. What else are they lying about and how many lies before you wake up. Look the reason the former director of workforce was replaced so quickly is because there were shady practices and any inquiries were quashed. The only reason he was there so long is because he was under the protection of the former administration and there were eyes in place.

    It’s our fault for taking it year after year. You must like the fleas.

  2. And, the bottom line: More cost to the foolish taxpayers that have allowed themselves to be railroaded to this extent. Now you know why Joyce Wilson turned down that job in Florida. Why leave such a money tree as El Paso has turned out to be for her and her friends? We need this lady out of public employment.

  3. Barbara says:

    As I’ve stated on many occasions. It’s a merry-go-round with the same faces but always riding different horses. There are many who would like to see change in ELP but unfortunately the apathy of voters is extreme so the cycle continues. We have uninformed voters swarming the polls on Election Day in order to wear the ” I Voted” sticker on their clothing! We have those that are driven to the polls and told which boxes to mark. We have voters actually voting because the name sounds good (I witnessed a voter asking her child who she should vote for!– I was a poll watcher at the time). Then you have the life-long Democrats go in with their blinders and ear plugs to vote. It is amazing to watch people vote in ELP. Unfortunately the uninformed voters in ELP far outnumber those that actually pay attention, know the candidates, and want to see change. Thus the status quo of political deception, greed, and sell-importance continues.

  4. Anita says:

    As City Manager, Joyce Wilson was working for the billionaires not the public. Even John Cook at one point called her a traitor. She is evil and should have faced charges.

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