Murder and Other Crime Rates in El Paso for 2015 – El Paso News Organization

Murder and Other Crime Rates in El Paso for 2015

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4 Responses

  1. A Lie is a Lie says:

    It really doesn’t matter if your research is complete or not. Only because several organizations have done the research, using FBI stats, and came to the same conclusion. That another city has been the safest city for the last two years. El Paso has not even made the top ten.

    That El Paso didn’t make the top ten is the issue. The issue is that politicians and the media trumpeted the lie for two years. Yet, they demand trust and loyalty. How in the heck can we? What else are they lying about? What was the motivation? While the lie is not illegal, It is at best very unethical and misleading. Now, we probably earned the title of the biggest liars in the U.S. Doesn’t this fall in with “stolen valor”? I personally feel like a fool and all of you should as well.

    The entire city has been yelling this lie, posting banners and the media spreading the word all over the U.S. The Mayor, I’m sure, unknowingly mentioned the title as a selling point to corporations. How do we tell them that was incorrect?

    The lesson learned, if at all, is not to believe everything the local politicians and media tells you. Perhaps, this important lesson will be remembered when attending political debates and meetings. Don’t just sit there like a bobbing head toy. Ask questions, challenge them. Don’t vote for a candidate just because the party or some one told you. Make your own informed vote.

    If they lied about the title for two years and there was no money involved, it makes one wonder what they lie about when there is money involved.

    It’s time to start wondering about the stadium, the plaza, the cultural center, country road, incomplete grants, excessive certs. of obligations, city employees resigning unexpectedly, the sudden departure of the workforce director, the quick selection of the former city manager as the new workforce director and appointment to city policy boards, city reps receiving special Justice, terrible infrastructure. Even the former Commanding General got busy with shady deals. That’s just a few things to consider. The issues mentioned may be legit, ethical and within policy, but now we have to wonder.

  2. Haiduc says:

    I still would rather be in El Paso than say New York City, Baltimore or Chicago…

  3. Pillsbery Doe Boy says:

    Does it really matter about the amount killed in El Paso ? If someone wnats to kill you they just pay someone in Juarez twice the amount a week they are getting paid at a Maquila and they will come over here and take you to Juarez and kill you there. It doesnt matter where you live, even if you live next door to the Chief Allen.

  4. A Lie is a Lie says:

    The question is not which city has more or less crime, but that the city “lied” about being the Safest City.

    Btw, a few years there was a hit on the neighbor living behind the Chief’s house. The neighbor was a former cartel member and was shot in the morning in the driveway.

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