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El Paso Proves Again How Ass Backwards It Really Is

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9 Responses

  1. pon says:

    I am in agreement with your comments. I don’t think that you have hatred for El Paso. You actually love this city to continue to write because it is important to keep us all informed. The trust for the city and county is pretty much gone. The agenda item was compromised by the representatives themselves by sending their own friends and friends of friends to voice on tv that they were in agreement with Gonzalez getting a raise. People are scared to talk back because the plate of food might disappear tomorrow. The fleecing of El Paso continues. Lesser speaks with both sides of his mouth. Not to be trusted. Romero and Noe are looking for a future pat on the back from Gonzales. I say that Gonzales should refuse that pay raise but he will not do it because if idiots are throwing free money at you there is bound to be much loot in the treasure chest. It is all over the news, Noe, Romero and Lesser did not give him that pay raise because he earned it but because these individuals want to be like other cities and project that they are so intelligent. I would put an ant to run this city before I would let the three stooges near any decision of impact for our community. Unfortunately, most everything in El Paso is based on pay offs and who you know. El Paso will sink.

    • James says:

      I concur with the statement that Martin loves this city. A lot of information would go unaddressed if he didn’t write about it. Unfortunately, both the city and county are run by cartel-like individuals who don’t give a damn about those individuals who are trying to stay afloat with taxes, food and rent. They don’t care about the many that are forced, like extortion, to pay for taxes or their property is taken. I look at all forms of government as a cartel full of members who are like con-artists or scammers who want to make an easy buck of the backs of others. The City of EL Paso council and county court(s) are perfect examples of the cartel-like mentality and action. It is very true by the report by Judicial Watch that El Paso is a narco town. The reps and judges, including Escobar, act like cartel members of a narco town.

      I would like to read a more indepth report on the executive sessions that are used to hide information from the public and how the state of Texas allows this to happen.

  2. Outhouse of Cards says:

    Since when is telling the truth considered hatred? Some just can’t handle the truth, therefore part of the problem. Only thru exposing stupidity, unethical conduct and corruption will the city advance.

    Still wonder why the city infrastructure is in terrible shape, people leave the city or won’t move here. This exactly what happens when people elected only because of the hook to get them there. I haven’t heard of a single politician in El Paso that hasn’t sold his soul.

    For those of you impressed with the college educated, take a good look at the decisions. Once again I will say a college degree doesn’t make anyone intelligent if anything it should improve decision making and common sense. Perhaps what we need is a few blue collar candidates. I know one thing for sure, that “progressive bs” doesn’t work. It just gets us in deeper in debt and nothing to show. Progressive is code for socialism. Even the DNC explain the difference.

    This city is operating in true socialist mode. Look at the expenditures and failed projects. They certainly prove the Soviet saying “you continue to pretend to pay me and I will continue to pretend to work “. Make a comparison of El Paso and North Korea. Not talking about the killings. Look at their economic policies and the leadership by Kim. There’s a lot of similarity. Both are disasters.

    We come back to the beginning and root causes. Full circle. We don’t have good leaders because people don’t vote or vote as told. People don’t vote or vote as told And there aren’t any good leaders.

    The solution is take a look in the mirror and ask yourself are you tired of the lies, unethical conduct, corruption, stupidity, grandstanding, attempted coups, back stabbing, cronyism, secrecy and representation of themselves not the public.

    If the answer is yes, then get off your rear, get informed and vote based on YOUR choice not the party line. If you don’t agree, then continue to do nothing and that’s what will get nothing. Keep supporting the digressive party.

    • James says:

      I’m sorry, but the voting system in the state of Texas is rigged and has always been rigged. Does it ever question anybody why any of the votes can’t be traced to the individual. It certainly is not to keep the voters vote a confidential process.

      “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
      Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Stalin

  3. David K says:

    I’m a little confused here. The item was posted just as joyce wilson’s raises were posted and voted on without a single complaint. It wasn’t until the newspaper and KVIA wrote trolling headlines was there a problem.

    The only thing that is backwards is Ordaz’s reposting of the item to score some political points.

    Disagree with the raise all you want – but the process went exactly as it was laid out in Gonzalez contract. Had they not done it exactly how it’s laid out in the contract, Gonzalez could sue.

  4. Haiduc says:

    Regardless of your ‘long postings’; He still kept his raise and no large turn out at CC…?

  5. Outhouse of Cards says:

    Haiduc, you missed the point again.

  6. Jason says:

    I think his raise was well deserved. When I have a good evaluation at my job I get my raise right. El Paso will stay in status quo like it has for years if we don’t provide competitive salaries. We need well qualified people to run our city like our CM. People complain about the raise in taxes but we are the ones who voted for the tax raise. We voted for the quality of life bonds therefore taxes go up.

  7. Robb Chavez says:

    Here’s hoping Tommy Boy takes the hint, & removes his cursed presence from the City. He isn’t as viscerally odious as Joyce Wilson, but he has the same open contempt for the citizenry that a bloated, unearned salary gave to Wilson.

    Even if one only considers his corrosive behavior on two major cultural issues, T. G. is a disgrace to municipal governance. First, of course, was his illegal removal of the major public art installation in the Upper Valley. Appalling enough on its face, what made his censorious vandalism worse was that it only took a couple of phone calls from some wealthy art nazis to get Tommy doing his lap dog act.

    More recently, & a subtext for the re-vote request, was Gonzalez ignoring almost the entire cultural community, & demanding that the Mayor & Council turn down a modest, but crucial Downtown historic survey–crippling EP’s much-needed preservation plans. Again, if this had been a personal whim, it would be atrocious.

    However, that he did this as the little brown Lubbock errand boy for Tanny Berg, Gerry Rubin & Cortney Niland makes his actions unforgivable. It’s one thing to be a lambido sell-out, but when the town you’re selling out isn’t even your own–that borders on a capital offense.

    Enjoy the bribe while you can, Gonzalez, El Paso is done with you. Even by this town’s lax ethics, Tommy Gonzalez has gone too far.

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