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Blogging for Dollars

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9 Responses

  1. Laurel and Hardy says:

    What we hav heeere is a fai-yur to communicate.

    The Laurel and Hardy routine those two clowns is very boring because the blogs so transparent. The humor of it all iis they have convinced themselves that they are fooling everyone. The only fooling is themselves. Reminds me of the cons that always believe they are smarter than the average Joe. Strange they don’t understand why they’re always getting caught.

    David K is not as bad as burrito lips. David lost an election and now feels qualified to critique politics. That’s not his fault El Paso hires campaign manager based on the number of losses not wins. I don’t believe in mentioning family, so I will defer. David, the only way you going to get the CM’s attention is giving him a back rub.

    On the other hand, greasy lips aka the fat con has convinced himself he is a know it all. He is the only that knows anything about politics. The only things he knows is mudslinging and crooked campaigning. Even funnier is how runs around with his cheap camera and microphone pretending to be Mike Wallace. The interviews are pure amateurish and some real dumb questions. The interviews are terrible. I suppose Vince is even dumber because greasy lips convinced him he is the el Paso
    Mexican spokesman. But then Vince is busy preparing his lips for that important kiss on the bosses rear.

    I feel sorry because ever since she started her association with greasy lips, her creditability and reputation has tanked. Her actions are covered with greasy lips bs. Lady, do the right thing and get away from greasy lips. He is like a skunk that sprays. Get near him and you smell like him. Look at the stupid advice you’re accepting, he’s a skunk and it shows.

  2. David K says:

    Oh Martin, your ignorance would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I know you needed some clicks, so you decided to mention me and I’m flattered. Let’s educate you on a few things here:

    1. Read my post – I stated I was happy to see Mayor Leeser getting a shot at running the city by running of Tommy Gonzalez. How does that make me a Gonzalez suck up? You need understand what you are reading.

    2. My sources stand by the fact there was confusion over what the mayor could veto in the days after the vote. In fact, it was explained to me that the mayor’s office was looking at what could be done since the city manager’s contract stipulates how his review an raise process goes. They were hoping to see that the council action was not in line with how the contract stated the process should go. Unlike you, I corrected the mistake and explained its provenance.

    3. Tommy is essentially closing out local firms from doing design work in El Paso by giving the city engineering department over to two out of town firms. Because you don’t know anything about how qualification based selection works, you confuse it with bidding construction work. The disappearance of the city engineering department is done and it hurts my parent’s firm and every other local firm badly. Nothing I can say to Tommy now will change that. So your point makes zero sense because you really don’t understand what happened.

    4. Tommy Gonzalez has zero control over the construction bidding process. I have told you ten million times before – the state of Texas lays out how the municipal bidding process must go. I’m not talking RFPs here – which staff can bugger with. I’m talking lowest qualified bid. And because you don’t have all the facts, you don’t realize that the outsourcing of engineering doesn’t affect construction bidding. That is under a different department in the city now. Again, you’re just making things up… while saying everyone else making things up.

    5. My mother has been out of pocket after a recent surgery. I guess she’s sending me messages in code when she requests to see her grandchildren on Facetime. Maybe the guy who pays you to write this blog is just upset about what board she got appointed to and wanted you to attack her for him since he needs that board and can’t do it himself. That makes more sense to me.

    6. Your blogs on this issue have been a rehash of what I wrote. You never thank me for creating your content for you. It makes me sad.

    Is there anything else I can teach you today?

  3. Off topic, but I need to get this off my chest. It troubles me to see all this name calling, and use of the English language as if there is some inside joke that everybody ‘in the know’ will get, and to hell with the hoi polloi. Well, this is one of the many who has no idea what all these snide references mean (‘burrito lips’ ‘greasy lips’ ‘the fat con’).
    Further off topic, this blog mentions the gutting of the City’s Engineering Department, under Gonzalez. I wonder if maybe that isn’t what has already taken place with our Street Department, since our streets are in such bad shape these past few years, with no sign of repaving, maintenance, or repair.

    • Jaime the con says:

      Let me enlighten you “burrito lips”, “greasy lips” & “the fat con” refers to the Lion Star also known as Jaime Abeytia or better known as the one who has his lips planted so deep into some asses that ####. I can’t say it because Martin will delete it.

  4. Laurel and Hardy says:

    David must be having a slow week in the blogging business. He spends all his time on this blog complaining perhaps if he spent more time on his blog it wouldn’t be slow. That’s your lesson for today.

    We have John poorer thing. His command of the English language is Oxford that he is easily confused by the commoners. And is upset only when others post comments that beat him to the punch. John, John, this is still a free country or is it only your comments that matter?

    Ah, now I feel better.

  5. Thomas says:

    David please you are the coward of the El Paso blogosphere and can’t stand your ground. At least Max, Jamie and Martin do not hide from opposing view points as you do. David we all know your blog is going down hill and mainly have only those posting who powered your bitch girl behind since you have stopped others that more than show your wrong and that your an idiot. David you mostly post what has been spoon fed to you and a lot of the times it is wrong and back ass wards. Most of us have your number David so STFU!

  6. David K says:

    Thomas needs a hug

  7. Claudia says:

    You made David too cute as a baby. He is pudgier. You do have a mean pen!

  8. Thomas says:

    David you parents should have beat you more as a child.

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