Do As I Say Not As I Do

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  1. Things go better with Coke says:

    Max, you outdid yourself, this is funnier than El Lardo the con, wannabe socialite. It still hasn’t figured out which ones smile in his face and bad mouth him as soon he leaves.

    Talk about being power hungry and egoistical, this woman has really lost touch with reality. Even had the gall to state that she could sign an executive order banning the sale of fireworks. Didn’t matter if the Governor agreed or not. Even worse was she made a fool of herself in Washington. I’m sure that Senator Mc Cain and the committee were impressed with being chastised and reminded that she is a county judge ! I am surprised she didn’t demand a motorcade and the air r traffic be suspended as she landed or left to return on Menudo One, code name Govmin Cheeese. She made El Paso a laughing stock when she took a magazine writer on a grand tour of El Paso houses of ill repute.

    Before she goes around saying county employees are too bad, she should look in the mirror, trust it is you not a carnival mirror.

    She needs to be reined in and accept responsibility for her fool hardy plan for children’s hospital and the clinics. However she is quick to blame others to save her neck. Of course the gutless commissioners are part of the problem. For some reason, they shirk in submissive dog style when she declares a directive. Even has one of them to carry her briefcase. Another one spends the whole day telling her how great she is.

    Knowing her history, people still voted for her. We get what we deserve. Even scarier she really believes she is really for another political office. Can’t even make a wise decision in the job she has now. Her ineptness will cost the taxpayers millions, a fact that she is desperately trying to deflect from the media and her.

    Thank goodness she’s not in Austin, what an embarrassment and isn’t there enough confusion at city hall ?

    When she campaigns again, the mantra should be “Remember the Hospital !”

  2. I do have to wonder at the wisdom of removing soda machines from County buildings, especially since they do earn money for the County, which we all know is always in need of more money to throw after that already lost on the EPCH, the aborted (how many times?) Sports Park, and so many other failed projects. I do also question this woman’s thought processes just about every time I see her interviewed on local television, especially when the subject is the hospital situation.

  3. rotten peppers says:

    The more garbage Mexicans eat the sooner there will be fewer Mexicans. Vero has to be stopped.

  4. Jaimito says:

    You have no respect for anyone Martin. You are just a jerk.

  5. Vegas says:

    That woman is the poster child for diabetes and heart disease! Who is she to start preaching about what to eat?!

  6. Respect What says:

    How could anyone respect for that thing ? Respect has to be earned, not awarded. It is very obvious there is no respect for the public and the gutless commissioners. Remember the lack respect shown for this city and herself when she took a writer for a tour of the whore houses knowning the article would be published internationally. The article included the Govmin cheese comment.

    It lost respect for itself by ineptness and arrogance. Take that tarnished plastic crown off her. Self crowning means nothing. Undoubtedly the worse the worse administration in the history of government.

    Chico red and her dwarfs.

  7. Vendetta915 says:

    I heard a rumor that certian County Politicos pay individuals across the county for votes among other things. This election practice has gotten out of hand too bad that those who know what really goes on during the Elections don’t come forward. You really want to know who wins the election s for these people go investigate Fabens, Socorro Clint Horizon City, Montana Vista, Vinton and so on.

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