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Bob Moore, Veronica Escobar and Blood in the Water

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7 Responses

  1. Use Raid Spray says:

    Interestingly enough, SHE decided, not her no gonads drones, that the county will have legal representation in the Hospital Bankruptcy case. Thought her majesty, all knownledge, had no control or connection.

    The spin is this is to save the taxpayers, lol. No responsibility accepted by her, none what so ever. This is about distancing herself from the fiasco and saving her own neck. Btw, the lawyer hired is paid in the Hundreds per hour ! So the taxpayer is still getting screwed. No shame in her game.

    Her ineptness and aggorance is coming back to haunt her. This is exactly what happens to people that become legends in their own mind and decide aka Kim Jung to build legacies. Thank goodness, she doesn’t have, but like to have, the authority to have all her opposition and exposers of the truth, executed.

    The best thing that could happen is for the no gonads squad to grow a pair and start showing independence of her iron fist to do as ordered. She is starting to grasp at straws to save herself, slipping down the tubes. Now is the time to save themselves and start representing their districts and the county instead of her. At least one of them has regained one of his testicles by refusing to go along with the Soda Directive. Thank goodness the Governor signed the Fireworks ban. The mighty pen would have been used to exhibit her authority.

    But, the soda deal was just a distraction to let the hospital thing die down. Everyone knows that the machine fruit drinks are just as sugary as soda. The pennies they pay employees, did she really think they would buy gourmet health food. There would have been a Burrito Rebellion. Just keep your eye on the ball, don’t be distracted.

    She and her devoted flunkees are starting to feel the pressure. Keep the story going, don’t let them bury it so the public doesn’t forget.

  2. Rotten Peppers says:


    If I haven’t offended you at sometime, I apologize because that is what I intended to do.

    Thank you, David, Max and Martin for all your good work.

  3. Ali Enrique Razavi says:


    The reason why the El Paso Times provides air support for Veronica is because it is worried about your friends sneaking back into elected office.



  4. Disgusted says:

    Bob Moore thinks El Paso Mecicans– except Veronuca– are stupid. So Bobo, if she’s increasingly involved “now” where was she when the EPCH was being thrown down the tubes? She and her eunuchs on the court reviewed financials and audits and appointed the board. Were they asleep or too stupid to understand? Either way, the buck stops with the Queen and her failed leadership.

  5. will says:

    ali baba, why pick on martin on this article. he basically is saying what you have said about escobar. he is right on bob moore. moore supported the ballpark imho because the times needed to sell the building. thats not honest journalism. thats ccksucker journalism. i think they were on the verge of being shut down without that building sale. bob and muench have blown paul, woody, and escobar so much that im thinking they will need plastic surgery on their mouths in a few years to take the wrinkles out from blowing so much.

  6. will says:

    rotten, you need to keep commenting no matter whee you move too. as far as im concerned you are the only commenter that tells it like it is most of the time.

  7. Bob says:

    Will the real Ali Enrique Razavi please stand… “So much room for contradiction Ali.” Remember, credibility & consistency, are crucial in your line of work.

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