The City Primer on a Cover Up

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4 Responses

  1. Angry and Frustrated says:

    This whole area, El Paso county is a total mess and getting worse via the people that are elected by a very low number of voters.

    It is so frustrating to hear and read about the mismanagement, unethical, ineptness and an oppressive officials. To challenge their decisions and policies invites intimidation, ridicule and harassment.

    Why do people allow this to continue year after year ? Isn’t anyone just sick and tired? How much longer are you willing to tolerate the malfeasance? What gives these office holders the idea that once elected, they are to be treated like ancient Japanese royalty ? We lost some good officials and potential officials this last election cycles. We ended with some of the worst administrations, city and county.
    Why do people accept the status quo? Tax and spending is totally out of control with failed projects all over the area. Yet these office holder strut around like peacocks and condescending attitudes.

  2. Vegas says:

    Very thorough, Mr. Paredes. Great job.

  3. Rotten Peppers says:

    It has been since the appointment of a CM that the obsession with secretiveness has settled in to city hall. It’s not the council; it is the CM bureaucratic and self-protecting mentality. This must frustrate the council as much as it does us.

  4. Chih goer says:

    Haha! Yes!! As if on cue. 3rd comment. 3 shots of Jaegermeister. Peppers. Complaining AND going to the chihuahua games since 2014!

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