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Guess Who is Getting the Conquistador Award

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8 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Wasn’t your buddy Hector Montes Larry Medina’s flunkie at one point?

    • Patty says:

      Hector is nobody’s flunkie. He’s a leader and one of the most thoughtful and intellectual people in El Paso. Anyone who knows anything about him knows that he’s a hero in the community and has mentored countless successful women and men. For a short time, he worked for Medina’s aborted campaign for county judge, and they would have beaten Escobar if not for Larry’s legal troubles. Hector Montes had already produced some brilliant TV campaign ads that never aired. Many still believe Medina was not guilty and should not have pleaded guilty and that he did so only because he has a small child, and he didn’t want to risk an unfair conviction and a longer sentence. Some are envious of Hector because he has also been the best radio talk show host ever in El Paso.

      • bags of scum says:

        a talk radio show in el paso isnt something to brag about because if it was so successful it would still be on. only 10 people tuned in to his relentless obama drivel. he had campaign ads that didnt air because they werent brilliant enough for the stupid ass populace in el paso. ha

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    How about giving it for best sprawl? You could nominate the recipients.

  3. fff says:

    El paso falls behind in the sky scrapper game. Sprawl sucks!

  4. Jaime says:

    Again you make unsubstantiated remarks! Mrs. Ann Morgan Lilly was never charged with assault. I hope she sues you for libel!

  5. Abel says:

    “Patty” must be Hector or STA. No one thinks as highly of hector as hector and STA.

  6. Justice peeking under the Blind Fold says:

    Come on, Morgan was accused and is under investigation. LOL, we’re not talking tracking down Hannibal Lector or the Zodiac Killer.

    The investigation has been ongoing, by a Special Unit, for 18 plus months. Now if anyone else threatened a city employee, the investigation would have been wrapped in an hour and referred to the Prosector. LOL, if some of you can’t see preferential Justice, you are most likely a part of the problem.

    While Jaime has his own BS, he has to come here to flex his fat and spittle his weak threats which he believes frightens people. That’s another LOL.

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