Are US and Russian Navies Taking to Social Media to Playout Sovereign Naval Exercises

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  1. Someone is Watching says:

    The media usage is being used for home consumption. Proganda on both sides.

    Sometimes, countries develop training areas on the boundaries. Then the other side doesn’t know if there are large scale movements for training or attacks. So units are alerted for possible conflict and positioned. Of course both sides harvest information about reactions or actions. Then it’s back to the barn until next time or your forces decide to enter a training area along the boundaries.

    Notice reports indicate the plane was unarmed. If it had then warnings to detour would have been issued and intercepted. A miscalculation can spark an armed conflict. Subs enter sovereign waters or come in close to ships without the ships’knownledge. Recon planes fly on the edge of boundaries for harvesting defense information.

    There are many sorts of gamesmanship that the general public never hears.

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    No matter how much I “mark” the US border, the Mexicans keep coming. I’m running out of kidney capacity.

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