The San Jacinto City Council Discussion Last Tuesday

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7 Responses

  1. Mario Brother says:

    I ask again why bother to have a council meeting room since they’re always in executive session?

    Exactly correct, so long as they keep meeting in secret without addressing the rumors and speaking politicalese, they will succeed in alienating the public even more.

    $100,000 per toilet ? That’s as bad as the Feds paying a thousand for a shovel. Are the plumbers being flown in from Germany? Commodes made of gold ? Marble floors? Silk towels? Attendants to gently wipe your tail and wash it ? Do like the French, install outdoor urinals for me and a toilet for women. They must have plans to install a 20 urinal and 5 commodes with 5 sinks, etc. Why not save some money and build smaller toilets. It’s not like there’s going to be long lines.

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    install outdoor urinals for me and a toilet for women
    Have you ever seen a French “toilet?” The hole in the ground where she has to squat? Maybe for Emma and Cortney, but not Vero.

  3. woodpecker says:

    i wish the contractor would speak up, say something about the abuse the city is putting them through. They probably feel like if they do they will never get a city contract again. how about some investigation into the city, where the decisions for the canopy and the plans from engineering started all the problems. compounded by a) the engineering department; b) the selection of a high priced architect who overrode city engineering designs; c) Cortney change orders; and more.

  4. Haiduc says:

    I think the Bathrooms will be completed before the Plaza…..

  5. City Haller says:

    Nobody thought of ordering the cable from a U.S. Company? American cable is not good enough for our plaza. What a useless cost overrun!!

    • Jon says:

      That falls under the city.
      They reviewed (we assume) the plans and could have pointed out the cost and lead times for single source items like cable from Germany.
      You pick an out of town architect whom you have no idea his standards or style and then don’t follow up on what they have in their plans, you are just asking for “surprises”.

  6. Mario says:

    Wrong, the French have outdoor urinals with high walls. All you see is the legs and their shoulders and above. No one pays attention, the public just walks by.

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