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Cultural Center Update

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3 Responses

  1. Rotten Peppers says:

    “… to avoid the possibility of pricing going up for any realty purchases for the center.”
    If they use Russ Vandenburg to appraise the property you can be sure the current owner will get top dollar and the tax payers will get the bill. Like the EP Times stadium-support-for-building-sale deal.

  2. potten reppers says:

    about 50% of the informed and educated people in el paso will never set foot in whatever this becomes. i couldnt care less nor will ever set foot in any cultural center. ill sit back and giggle though.

  3. Rigged Decision says:

    Just the mere mentioning of District 8 caused the price of any lot, that is fir sake, to increase in value.

    From the looks of the committee, they’re hand picked to ensure the naming will be some variation of making a Mexican center. Incredible and they wonder why there is no trust. Why have a committee when they’ve already decided ?

    The common sense needed is not present. Talk about rewriting history, this is definitely it ! They’re ignoring contributions of other groups. Why does a city that is overwhemingly Mexican need a “museum” to remind them who they are? Look around, its not like there are only 3 Mexicans in town. And to name it Hispanic and exclude South Americans, Central Americans, Carribean and Spain is more stupid. Tourist want to see who and how El Paso came to being, perhaps have some pride that their ethic group contributed. Why the misleading impression that only Mexicans did anything ?

    This bs is going to be shoved down the publics throat and cause discontent around the city. I wouldn’t be surprised if tourists didn’t decide this is a city suffering from complete stupidity and a severe case of enthocentism. I for one know who and what I am and don’t need a center(wink museum) to boost my pride. The whole project reeks of racism.

    Good luck, the project has already sunk even though there will be a structure.

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