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US Security Issues Are Not On The US-Mexico Border

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4 Responses

  1. Pati says:

    I agree that Mexico is not a threat, just the usual scape goat for the gringo propaganda but I disagree with your statements “Anyone would readily agree that the biggest and most serious domestic and international issue is the ISIS terrorists.” and that the evidence is clear and conclusive that the greatest danger to the US way of life is posed by Islamic terrorists whose stated purpose is to destroy the United States.

    The so called Islamist terrorists and the ISIS are only a real danger to the people of the middle east where they are fighting the illegal aliens who have invaded sovereign nations such as Libya, Afghanistan, etc. and helped create these ‘’terrorists’. When ISIS was fighting Syria to take down al-Assad they were US friends but once they spread out they have become the enemy.

    I think we have been down this road more than once, US propaganda telling us who to hate so that our government can continue with its wars and thieving of other people’s lands and resources. If our way of life changes it will not be because of Islamic terrorists, it will be because we have allowed our government, repos or demos, to fool us again and again.

    Joe Bageant said it best ’Americans are cultivated like mushrooms from birth until death, kept in the dark and fed horseshit.’.

  2. Open house says:

    The comment was good until it started by stating ISIS is only a threat to the Middle East. Guess the murders in England, UK, Austrailia, Philippines, Southern Thailand and the US were nothing and the fact the attackers were killing infidels was also nothing.

    The Middle East is a serious problem for the world, not only is it a breeding ground for terrorists, it has become a super sized version of Lebannon, where anyone with a gun is in charge. That country hasn’t experienced peace in two decades. This region controls the Suez Canal, an important shipping route. Close it and see the economic affect in the world. The other importance is the oil. If one nut controls the oil, they can determine world policy.

    Yes, oil is a factor in the area. Trying to protect or ensure the pump stays open to everyone is not “thieving”. History, new and already forgotten. Saddam fought with Iran, invaded Kuwait and had his eyes on Saudi Arabia. He wanted the oil, not because the beachs are nice.

    While the threat hasn’t been identified as a ISIS entry route, doesn’t mean you leave the door open. All the gangs that started south of the border are terrorists in their own right. The Humand Trafficers. We NEED to know who is coming and why. Not a difficult concept. Europeans may not require visas, but the passports are scanned. Why does Mexico maintain a guarded border in the southern area? The answer is obvious..

  3. Pati says:

    Sovereign nations own their resources therefore they are the ones that should decide how to use these; to exploit them or not, their choice. Why should their property be open to everyone?

    Maybe the problems of the middle east are due to the fact that western nations have been fighting their wars in that region for too long thus the rise of all those ‘terrorists’. Over at posted is a master list of the governments the US has attempted to or has overthrown since WWII. Boy did we start the new century with a roar! That ISIS has a long way go to catch up.

    I guess the US is the nut that controls the oil now. Wasn’t that one of the reasons that Libya was destroyed by the west, Gaddafi wanted to set up something other than the petrodollar for oil trade?

  4. Facts not Spin says:

    Some of the countries you refer to, do own the resources. A few elite do. Corruption ! The poor stay poor, look across the border.

    The problem with the Middle East has been tibal loyalty and religion, the oil fits because it’s money they need. Whoever has the money has the means to impose its will on the rest.

    To compare Western nations to ISIS is ridiculous. History will show that the countries were left in better shape than they were found. Unlike ISIS which kills everyone, children, elderly, innocent. And sets about to destroy any signs of history. Cambodia, Taliban, nazi Germany, afghanistan. They are using techniques to remold the way if thinking and keep the people uneducated because under educated means captivity and control.

    The joke years used to be if a country wanted to succeed and receiving rebuilding aid. Declare war on the U.S. and no the US does not control the oil in the Middle East. Russia has massive amounts and the US has large amounts now. If anything the US has made efforts to keep the region open to commerence. But, the locals controlled the area until leaders get greedy and power hungry. The west provided the technology to find oil but it belongs to the individual countries. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar do very well for themselves.

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