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Cultural Center: Why Should the Taxpayers Pay for It?

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9 Responses

  1. Rotten Peppers says:

    I agree but it should be for the amount voted upon, whereas the stadium was an open checkbook.

  2. The Xican says:

    Let’s clear up the easier issue. The stadium was highway robbery. Shouldn’t have happen but it did. That’s that.

    The cultural center is different because there is still time to stop and have real discussion with public. Why the rush to select the theme and name ? We don’t even have the money.

    If the public is expected to pay, then the public should decide the outcome. Not some group that is more concerned with potential political enhancement. Once again, this city was built by people from various ethic groups and races. Is the city willing to look silly by building two centers, next to each other. Name one the Mexican Cultural center and the other center would be named “All Others”. If this really a city of equality, that’s what would have to happen.

    The logic that the stadium was forced down our throats therefore the cultural center can be developed the same way is flawed. Is there where the city wants to go, from this day foward all projects are to be forced? If that’s the case, then don’t bother to tell residents to register and vote. It would be pointless to vote, just gave the power brokers hold communist/dictatorship style of elections. You kniw, the party and central committee preselect the candidate and the votes are predetermined.

    Do the right thing and showcase El Paso as the “melting pot” . A city that is modern or evolving is inclusive not exclusive. Isn’t that what the sixties was about? Oh well, I suppose there is truth that El Paso is behind the times. Or it is moonwalking back in time. Hey maybe we can add xican to the ending if every ethic group. Chinexican, syriaxican, russianxican, irishxican or germanxican. But how do we fix puerto rican. Tongue twister, puerto ricanxican ? Cubanxican? Then we can name the center “the xican cultural center. Simple solution.

  3. damaged says:

    can you post an article about how much HOT taxes were collected last year and with airport visitors down and hotel occupancy down, how much of a shortfall are we looking at and is it legal to dip into another fund to shore up the difference?

  4. James says:

    It’s funny how the city “reps” and managers and commissioners brag about the voters voting FOR anything. I should say, on an average, there only 15% (over-estimated probably) of voters who vote. About 7.0% to 11 % of those voters (legal and not legal) were pursuaded to vote for more debt. Well, that leaves about 85% to 92% registered voters dinenfranchised by NO representation or have even voted for more debt. Any expense made by the county and the city has been out of deception and fraud, and not approved by the majority of voters

  5. damaged says:

    so peppers, where is the outrage of the shortfall? 500k year one? this year airport traffic is down, hotel occ is down a few % points so i guess this year the shortfall will be more than 500k. so where is the outrage? and james, taxation with out representation, yes? i pay hefty taxes and i have no kids in episd, epcc, wont use umc(unless im shot in the face) but i do use the roads so can i opt out of the ones i dont use? nope so even the voter stiffs him/herself on these ridiculous bonds. and the service charges on the bonds and so on. good post james

  6. Barbara says:

    Let’s remember it’s not Ted’s father that’s running for office.

  7. damaged says:

    peppers? what say you?

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