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City Incompetence on Display with San Jacinto

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6 Responses

  1. No Mexicans or Dogs allowed says:

    This is a great article. Hit the nail right on the head !

    Maybe city comedy central wants to start a new dance to generate publicity. Try the “crossed legs” or the “pucker”. Practice the dances while you look for a toilet.

    I like the bicycle program comments. Guess Juarez will have to endure bicycle traffic jams very similar to pictures of downtown Ho Chi Minh city. The stupidity of it all is they really expect overweight people to bike up hill in 100 degree weather. And then to suggest the program would encourage physical fitness.

    Given a choice of a good burrito or a bicycle, anyone want to bet the burrito will the winner! Don’t you think if people were interested in biking for success they would have bought a bike long ago. The only ones benefiting from the stupidity are the lawyers, ambulance companies, hospitals and bike repairs from flattened spokes. If they had bothered to do research, they would know repairs and replacing bikes caused other cities to lose money.

    Doesn’t anyone realize how far apart businesses and stores are? The number of steep hills? The terrible streets with potholes and no visible lanes. The drivers busy texting or talking on a cell phone. Oh that’s right, cars are required to travel at least three from bicyclist when passing. Anyone have ideas on attaching a ruler to my car? Bicycles in foreign work because most businesses are located near the neighborhood. And that’s because kand is limited not some dumb idea that encourages interaction between people.

    $400,000 for a toilet ? wtf, is it good plated, marble floors? Silk toilet paper? Fir that much money they better have someone available to clean me after doing my thing. Scented talcum powder please.

    Keep the Mexicans out? Might as well just say no one in the city can use the toilets. There’s always trees and alleys available. Remember poop alley. Wonder if that’s on tourist maps. One of a kind thing to enhance the El Paso image.

    If it wasn’t for bad decisions, city Comedy Central wouldn’t have decisions.

  2. Vegas says:

    Has no one paid attention to the road construction around the fountains? Foster’s mall is getting an additional $12M to have better access. This on top of the multi-million dollar project it took to redirect I-10 the first time.

  3. J says:

    “Ask the next homeless person you see downtown if Foster’s fancy restaurant allows them to use the toilets in the restaurant.”

    I chuckled at this because last year I was downtown and had to go into the Mills Building for legitimate reasons. This was my first time in there since it had been remodeled and I was in my work clothes (jeans, work boots, work jacket) so I stood there for a moment to get my bearings. It wasn’t 30 seconds before two security guards walked up and asked me what I was doing. And I don’t mean in a friendly way.
    No way anyone would be able to wander in there to use the bathroom, unless they were dressed like a lawyer or politician.

  4. Lorraine says:

    How short your memory is. There WERE restrooms at San Jacinto. They had to close them down due to all of the perverts. Most parks do not have restrooms. Maintenance is expensive, especially since many people do not know how to behave themselves.

  5. Vegas says:

    Lorraine is right. San Jacinto had restrooms underground.

    You don’t have to be in jeans for security to stop you in the Mills building. It’s like they don’t want anyone in the building.

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