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Text of the State of the Union 2015

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2 Responses

  1. Canoe w/o Paddle says:

    The speech was very disappointing, it was rehashed rhetoric from the last SOU address.

    The speech consisted of taking credit for programs he attempted to eliminate and are successful today. However true to his character he managed to blam failed policies and programs on others.

    He spent one hour telling the American public what he was not going to do and challenged the other party to overturn any of his programs or policies. That hardly sounds like a President that is going to work with Republicans or anyone for that matter. He’s trashed America’s allies and embraced it’s enemies. For the life of mine, I don’t understand why he can’t bring himself to say or admit that we are fighting radical Muslims ir terrorists. All the ither countries get it, why doesn’t he?

    The highlight of the speech was his brilliant reply to the distasteful response by the republicans that he no longer had yo campaign and his term would end in two years. The republicans definitely swallowed the whole foot.

    The tragedy is that this President and his disastrous policies will be replaced by a President, from the party with no real plans. We are in major trouble regardless if your political beliefs. Don’t think so, we are a free republic with an elected President with extremely low approval ratings, but there is a dictatir with a 80 % approval from its citizens. And we have Americans saying they wished they were annexed by the dictator.

  2. Vegas says:

    Like some of the SCORUS justices, I didn’t even bother.

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