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Holding Government Accountable Is Impossible

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3 Responses

  1. sstX13 says:

    Guys like Dee Margo are appointed and have no accountability at all. NOT ONE SCHOOL!

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    Remember why the board of managers is there in the first place. The elected board was beyond incompetent.

  3. tirilon says:


    Too many years ago I decided to find out what the best form of government would be. To my surprise I found it in the Good Book: NONE. We all know that ours is an imperfect government, the devil is in the details, like “how imperfect”.

    Our Founding Fathers were still in the right path. They wrote what they did not like from England, and that is fine. However, our government, or better-stated our “governors”, have found ways to trick our Constitution. You have done a good job in pointing it out, and encourage you to continue to do so.

    Not a Founding Father, neither a respected World figure, but Mexico produced a politician that said: “Kill politicians the same as flies, swat them with newspapers.”

    Fast forward to our community, we do not have “newspapers”. The traditional one and the newcomer are a failed attempt at the business. The one that caters to the powers and the money cares little of the people, and the other, because of its ownership, is also controlled by the governors.

    Our Constitution provides for checks and balances. The Amendments to it provide for a free press. That, plus educated people, are to warrantee a minimum of imperfections.

    I believe that those here agree that in our micro-democracy we do not have any of those components: no checks and balances, no freedom of the press, and no education. That is why your job, Martin, is so important. As an immigrant, you have brought something most important to this Country: “We are NOT number one”.

    Lets keep bugging them!

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