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El Paso Is Losing Jobs Resulting in Higher Taxes

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    Martin, nicely said. The spending coming from these progressives or just con-artists (politicians, managers, and unaccountable boards and authorities) is irresponsible and enslaving for the community. But, isn’t that the purpose of the city and county to enslave through taxing and foreclosing? The motto should say, “It’s the El Paso way”.

  2. Face Reality says:

    Martin, it’s the shell game as always. Agree with you.

    The problem is the voter or lack of voters. It’s like trying to explain that a relationship is not good for someone. Doesn’t mater how many facts or examples are presented. The person will insist everything is under control, you don’t understand or don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re just jealous of the happiness, tell you to go away, etc. In the end, the person experiences total disaster and wishes they had listened.

    Then we have the spoiled brat, “I don’t care I want it ! ” My friends have one !
    How about ” we can’t make the payment this month, oh don’t worry, we’ll skip a payment to that debtor so we can make the payment to the other debtor. ”

    One more, people refuse to acknownledge the fact or ignore it . El Paso is high on the list of the bad individual credit. So if they don’t care about their own debt, why would they be concerned about anyone’s debt? Eventually , the debt catches up.

    Good luck in trying to get El Paso to understand and face reality.

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