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KVIA Report on City Losses for Ballpark

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4 Responses

  1. Garden food is over priced says:

    Ya but I like the Garden food…but I like AAA baseball action better!! And I still eat at the garden. Overpriced … Maybe ?! Awesome food yes! He never incentived people to come to his place before of after a game. His fault for not capitalizing on 8500 people next door.. I don’t feel sorry for that. Plus…it’s 10 bucks to park in his lot after the game. No thanks. Will hit taco cabana on the way home … Drive thru. He needs to quit bitching and capitalize on the draw. F=FAil if you’re losing money on game nights!

  2. My IP says:

    Dear Useful-Idiot-Hard-at-Work:
    If the Garden fails even because it’s his fault, you lose Einstein. The loss of tax revenue from that business and others like if may mean you have to give up your Taco Cabana burrito to pay your taxes to Mountain Star Sports group. On the end, this Ponzi scheme called Southwestern diploma mill park, along with all our hard-earned taxes being burned on feel good DT schemes like the trolley and pretty lights and colored smokescreens is to benefit them… and maybe a few crumbs thrown at their horde of useful idiots and lapdogs. (In the end though, useful idiots will cease to be useful and lapdogs will become a nuisance)

  3. Rotten Peppers says:

    Paul and Woody aren’t done soaking money out of this city, either. Other plans are afoot.

  4. Vegas says:

    I saw the phenomenon of lost revenue early on. On opening night, a popular bar had a slightly larger crowd on game day before the start of the game. However, when the game started, everyone left and their usual crowd did not show because there wasn’t any available parking and people wanted to avoid the downtown madness brought on by the game.

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