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Your Taxes are Going Up

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3 Responses

  1. Rotten Peppers says:

    Cooper retired and Gamino accepted the COO job for San Francisco. Service consolidation rarely works without a unified chain of command, something a CC and CB are not.

  2. Ken says:

    Wow, so only the highfalutin elite attend the baseball game? Looks like 8-9,000 highfalutin elite each night at the game. Downtown is on its way back thanks in large part to Southwest University Park! A small tax increase is worth it. To do otherwise is to go backwards. Doing nothing may cost nothing but what’s the fun in that? Why is the focus on what our elected politicians are doing instead of the morons we continue to elect to city council? The northeast forfeits their right to bitch when they elect a guy like Robinson. Likewise Acosta & Limon. Holguin will soon be gone, so don’t go replacing him with Mike Armstrong. If his personal life is a mess why would you count on his professional life being any different? El Paso is a great place to live & raise a family. Quite frankly the hospital situation concerns me more than any other issue.

  3. SKZ says:

    WOW 9,000 people. That’s about 1% of the city. What a hit. We pay to entertain less than 2% of the city?

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