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The Children’s Hospital by the Numbers

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  1. Lisa says:

    Great job listing the known numbers for the financial debacle. What I’m understanding is that El Paso Children’s payed a significant amount of debt for the construction of the hospital but the debt in question is 9 leasing agreement for facilities and services. I don’t have a financial background but I’m wondering where the 120 million from bonds for the children’s hospital is accounted? If it was for the building of the hospital why does the childrens have to lease the building? Shouldn’t it be an understood agreement of use? Is it a cost being incurred to UMC by merely existing? Or is UMC just charging a new non-profit rent regardless? What about the other agreements? Are they available to the public? It looks like the Phase II loan was signed 4 days before opening. Did that document include the contracts for services? That seems like a short amount of time for administration who are opening a hospital for the first time to review/negotiate service costs four days before opening. 89 million of revenue in one year I’d be interested in comparing that to a comparable size children’s hospital in year 2.

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