Batter Up: Bob Moore – El Paso News Organization

Batter Up: Bob Moore

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4 Responses

  1. Rotten Peppers says:

    All of this has a simple solution – competition. Why don’t you start a competitive paper, Martin. I’ll bet Hyundai of El Paso will send some ad bucks your way, too, until you turn up something on his administration.

    • Good morning “Rotten Peppers”,
      You are absolutely correct. I have tried launching a paper, twice. The problem is that if I allow the exposure of corruption, it makes everyone uneasy. Very, very few individuals are willing to acknowledge they read what I write, although thousands read it. I’m just too caustic for everyone. As such there is no money to sustain a competing newspaper because with money comes strings attached that limits what I focus on. Since I sustain my blog 100%, I have no limits on what I write or focus on. And, since I no longer depend on El Paso clients to make a living I can’t be economically threatened to lay off certain topics.

      Just ask Sito Negron over at Jose Rodriguez’ office, he knows firsthand how I was “black-listed” because I exposed certain malfeasance.

      Although the solution is simple, the monetary requirements are not so simple. So, I blog as an alternative. The hypocrisy of Bob Moore is what bothers me, not the economic realities of what he does.

      Thanks for your comments and participation.

      • Henry Plumber says:

        Also, you don’t live in El Paso. And Bob Moore didn’t work at the El Paso times with the Paul Schrode stuff. He was the editor at a paper in Colorado.

  2. Carl Starr says:

    The Times wrote a OP ED on Mayor selection issue.

    I think a out of town selection for Mayor is a good thing. But yes it needs a vote in public.

    Carl Starr

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