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Jaime Abeytia and the Cycle of Corruption

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6 Responses

  1. zks says:

    that guy is pig and needs to be locked up…vote Perez out!!

  2. Repeat says:

    Is the new legal maneuver, El Paso officials/employees use to avoid prosecution. Remember the city rep that charged with forgery. Changed lawyers every other week until she termed out and quietly settled the case. We are still waiting Ann Lilley Morgan to be prosecuted. That case will be dragged out, just in case she is found guilty before she terms out. This guy will change lawyers, negotiate deals forever, ask continuances until he can quietly slip out the door. Most people on a government payroll get terminated or suspended without pay, immediately! Lady Justice just felt the shift in the scales. So much for improving El Paso’s image. I bet all those government official, in other cities, and in jail, wish they had committed their crimes here.

  3. Carl Starr says:

    “Most people on a government payroll get terminated or suspended without pay, immediately!”

    I am not sure this is the case when criminal charges pending especially.

    The county already is in a tangle in non criminal case re a “gag order” if you will and one long time employee or ex-employee ie this person no doubt was all ready to sue the county.

    In other words JA if terminated and then found innocent would no doubt sue the county.

    Police officers do this all the time ie sue city re termination.

    No doubt its been a bitter divorce for JA.

    One attorney told me “Carl I rather handle a murder case than a divorce case” re bitter hate etc divorces.

    • Carl I tend to agree with you when you take an individual’s overall character as determined by the whole of their actions. As an employer, I look at how an employee performs and how that individual represents my company by their demeanor and their actions. Texas is an “at-will” state and as such, each employee’s job status can be changed by either party at any time. In addition, Vince Perez is the sole determiner of whether Jaime Abeytia remains on the County payroll. This is clearly spelled out on the employment contract generated by employees contracted by elected officials. In Jaime Abeytia’s case, the current indictment is not out of character for him in fact, as I laid out in my blog he currently is listed as having an active arrest warrant in Arizona. In addition, Abeytia settled a case in 1999 for “theft of property” and again in 2004 he accepted deferred adjudication on another case, this time for computer tampering. Whether this latest case is about a divorce does not matter because there is clearly a criminal pattern to his actions. That, in my opinion, makes him unacceptable for employment on the taxpayer’s dime especially in a city where many qualified individuals are underemployed. In other words, Abeytia would not be employed at the county were it not for the intervention of an elected official. How is that not corrupt?

      Thanks for your comments,

  4. Carl Starr says:

    Your right Texas is at will state but it may be more complex than that ie Pensions, Unions etc. It may be up to Vince but also all of Commissioners Court.

    We are all for the most part in my opinion ‘loophole larrys’ and I blame this on the IRS convoluted tax code is how we learn scheming.

    Thus I surely without judgment as one may well be what we think of them…I surely do not blame anyone for availing themselves of legal maneuvers that may mitigate their legal predicament….such is a criminal attorney sole job” As the Famous Strong Arm Attorney says on El Paso TV “I look at the case the only way that matters…YOURS”

    I happen to agree with many of Vince’s past actions etc in Commissions Court….not sure if I am bias here.

  5. Observer & Lawyer says:

    I agree that Jaime Abeytia should not be employed by the County in such a high position. For clarity’s sake, though, I want to point out that the 24 month probation offer is pretty typical. Trying to comply with DA’s office policies, Assistant DA’s typically give the same 2 or 3 plea offers for every single misdemeanor, regardless of individual case facts. Given the DA’s policies, there is an overflow of cases waiting to be resolved in our judicial system. Because of the backlog, in some courts, trial settings are more than a year out. As such, even without the attorney change, Mr. Abeytia’s case would likely have been continued anyway.

    I don’t know the details of the charges, but wouldn’t be surprised if there was some corruption involved in the DA’s reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor. I doubt wrongdoing amongst the judiciary and defense bar, though, particularly given the fact that Vince Perez’s office has essentially accused the criminal judge’s and criminal attorneys of stealing taxpayer money.

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