Candidates That Should Not Be Elected: March 2014

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11 Responses

  1. Max says:

    The graphic of Gonzalez is outrageous! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. David says:

    Wow, you went way too far with that picture.

  3. Rotten Peppers says:

    It is a question of the least worst candidate because there are no “best” candidates in this race. Putting Norma the Drama Queen back in office is unthinkable, not that El Paso voters actually think given their EPISD diplomas. In my district, I can choose between a tax-and-spend liberal and an alcoholic psychopath. Shit floats to the top here.

  4. Jaime says:

    Really, the hamburglar? LMAO Oh my, that’s hilarious!!!!

  5. Henry Plumber says:

    As residents and citizens, at least we can vote here in EP.

  6. Indeed says:

    So, the El Paso Times masquerading as a newspaper and the insane ramblings of a fool masquerading as a blog agree that Naomi Gonzalez shouldn’t be re-elected.

    Whose bed have your boots been under, Martin?

  7. Bob says:

    Ha! Nicely done @Henry and @Indeed.

  8. Not Pancho Villa says:

    If you are saying that there are only two candidates that do not deserve a vote, is your silence about the rest of them then an endorsement?

  9. ep reader says:

    “But the fact remains that her arrest mug shot is one of the first things to popup in a Google search. This should be a sufficient reason to not elect her as that mug shot clearly represents what the El Paso electorate values in their elected officials, if they were to return her to office.”

    So this is what politics has come to? Google Images search determine one’s ability to serve in office.

  10. Birdie says:

    The “graphic” in my opinion is representative of her actions. She has the background of a loiter and probably still believes she can continue loitering like the majority of lawyers/loiters do in el paso,tx. Gonzalez probably has a lot of support. Have you seen the all the DWI arrests.

  11. Laurel Ochoa says:

    To read the sickening injustices filed out from the 243rd District Court while being overseen by Judge Luis Aguilar is an abomination. He is a prime example of our justice system gone awry. I myself have been abused by his lack of ” fairness” . I have been in a ridiculous court fiasco for 2 1/2 years. Because off the incessant need to bring court cases for the almighty buck, I can’t understand how these courts and corrupt judges such as Luis Aguilar get away with the injustices they sign off for without even a thought, much less any knowledge or even a slight let’s take a look at what happened. I am in the process of filling suit against the state of Texas for the inadequacies thrown to me, a woman signed over to this court by Alma Trejo judge of misdemeanor county court at law number one. Since I refused to take a ridiculous 9 month deferred adjudicated offer from the state, I filed for trial. Ms. Trejo and my court appointed attorney Ms. Walker, not happy to get an easy 1’2’3′, ENHANCED my misdemeanor to a felony based on a PREVIOUS CONVICTION that I pled guilty to 14 YEARS earlier. So now I end up in the 243rd District Court under LUIS AGUILAR. Naturally I fired the court appointed atty, hired GARY HILL, and the motions were submitted to the court at law number one BEFORE we ever set foot in AGUILARS courtroom. mind you, my attorney on record is GARY HILL since judge Trejo enhanced ( to get rid of my case since there is a severe lack of proof or evidence), there was no other attorney on my case. I show up for yet ANOTHER JURY TRIAL RESET In Dec 2012, again in Jan 2013 and March 2013. Not 2 weeks after appearing for yet another rescheduled trial date the end of March 2013….I have US MARSHALS, EPPD, DPS at my door APRIL 2013 for Failure To Appear in the 243rd Issued by JUDGE LUIS AGUILAR. I don’t 7 days in jailbecause it was a holiday. All in All.. this sorry excuse for an appointed court judge signed a bench warrant in sequence. Never checked out the validity of the issuance. The court ” somehow mysteriously had my attorney listed as a court appointed”. what happened to my 2 years as having GARY HILL listed? This was the basis for my 3rd arrest on this 1 same charge. instead of the court dismissing the incident, I AM NOW ON A $101,000 PR Bond for an initial misdemeanor $750.ok bond. Unbelievable!!! I have to once again ask Who are the REAL Criminerals? Judge Aguilar and a few others are an outright Abomination.

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