How Many More Criminals are in Office or Running for Office?

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  1. Corrupt Judge says:

    Mr. Paredes,

    You almost hit it right out of the ball park with this article. Judges are only human and are naturally subject to humility, embarrassment, retaliation and vengeance just like anyone else. If you keep searching and notice what the common link is with those criminals who the Judge has given opportunity to benefit and those who have humiliated and embarrassed this Federal Judge you will see the entire picture. For an impartial judge to state what he has publicly and show bias is a sign of targeting. But who? Who has humiliated this Honorable Judge that makes him imply to defendants to keep testifying (as the US Attorney Office WANTS THEM TO) and receive a benefit. This Order may she’d some light.

    Case 3:13-cv-00302-DCG
    Document 7 Filed 09/20/13 Page 1 of 1

    A judge with this kind of ego never recuses himself.

  2. Carl Starr says:

    I don’t think there is any city corruption re the payday loan ordinance but I dropped my lawsuit because the city ‘abated’ the ordinance back in last June or July…I am against predatory lending but more against a city thinking it can regulate everything that the states and feds already regulate…we don’t need a patchwork of city laws across state…I feel the city is trying to put the 30 or so downtown payday loan biz out of biz ie force them to move to Sunland Park NM or Clint, TX for any profit, as part of their rehab of downtown just like the panhandling ordinance, same with city plans to move all the LA Express buses…I feel the city is trying to make everything pretty for new Starbucks and Italian suits etc and new walk paths that lead to $5 ballpark hotdogs.

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