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More On El Paso Media Incompetence

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7 Responses

  1. skz says:

    And now the Slimes are charging to view their site? Hardly anybody wanted that crap when it was free.

  2. Birdie says:

    We are getting tagged with fees for everything. Directly or indirectly, our community is paying for the ball park which we never were an opportunity to opt out. Detroit filed bankruptcy and we are not far down this same road. The media here lacks the integrity necessary to bring the forth the facts. The media performs their skit at regularly scheduled times and call it a day of hard work. Most of the media personnel are more worried about fitting in and being part of the group than responding to the community.

    In my opinion, Martin does a better job of reporting than the local media. I seriously hope that one of this days the media will look at the community it is supposed to serve and starts to independently report the news. I will be among the first ones to congratulate them if they can ever get their act together. Corruption is part of our landscape, here in el paso. Only the people that aware and pay close attention realize how high the level of corruption that currently exists in el paso.

  3. balmorhea says:

    This case has far-reaching legal implications that should be of interest to anyone who wants honest government. The Times would show the same persistence that Martin has in following the story if it were an attention-getting story that made great headlines and didn’t step on city hall’s toes. The Times loved the EPISD story and shook it like a dog would a stuffed toy. The emails story, even though it’s more significant than the EPISD story has been ignored. Thank you Martin for doing the Times’ job.

  4. Something's fishy says:

    No one has gone to jail (nor will they) and no one has lost their job (nor will they) because of the “emails story.” That’s why it’s not and never will be “more significant” than the EPISD story. Sorry to disappoint you sad excuses for journalist-pretenders.

  5. balmorhea says:

    The significance has nothing to do with who or how many go to jail. The significance is that state law regarding freedom of information has not kept up with how electronic communications fit into the picture. Not too long ago a FOI dealt with paper communications or meeting transcripts. Now it’s so much more.

    By the way, Something’s Fishy, your ideas might be taken seriously if you quit with the name-calling.

  6. Theresa Caballero says:

    you are dijng a great job Martin. bob moire at the slimes just laid off anotherr person. if city ciuncil had not paid ten million fir the slimes bldg, he woukd have laid iff more. moire acts as press mangr for wiidy hunt candidates and simehow they always vote to give the slmes money.

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