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Who is Veronica Escobar?

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2 Responses

  1. balmorhea says:

    Thank you for reminder of Ms. Escobar’s allies. Although I think she intelligent, capable and personable, I have never been comfortable with her connection to Ray Caballero nor her history with the Community Scholars. Community Scholars does good work when it stays out of politics. When CS doesn’t stay out of politics it become a political arm of the remnant of the Ray Caballero group. He is the one who started CS.

    I agree Ms. Escobar handled the Paul Shrode episode poorly and voters should be reminded of that.

    I do not care who Ms. Escobar is related to. Everyone in El Paso has about three dozen cousins here anyway and we all have relatives we may love but don’t want to claim.

    Your blog does a service to the voters by reminding us of the complete (not edited) resume of the candidates.

  2. swimming pools says:

    Veronica Escobar and the El Paso TImes and Steve Ortega and Chozet and soccer fight Bird…boy we are in trouble

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