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Open Records Request Update

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  1. David k says:

    Martin I think the city actually helped you by providing you some things you didn’t ask for. If you understood the design and construction industry better, you’d be able to get what you are looking for. The person who bankrolls your blog ought to be able to explain this to you. He is familiar with the business.

    I can sum up what you are going to find – when I started blogging my parent’s firm got less design work, which is a qualification base selection system (subjective). That’s why certain names are returning nothing – the city specifically avoided doing business with us. So your hypothesis is wrecked.

    As for construction bidding – it’s lowest responsible bidder. My blogs mean nothing when it comes to that… Oh wait – we had a project yanked from us just two weeks ago that proves your hypothesis not only wrong, but the exact opposite of what you claim is happening.

    Save yourself some money and some crediblity. I’m not an elected official, so you can’t really get anything from me. You ought to look into why Holguin doesn’t use his city email address for anything. He’s gone off the grid and nobody can see what city business he conducts. Why doesn’t that bother you?

    • David, as usual you try to deflect away from the issue. It doesn’t surprise me because that is what propaganda operatives do. However that won’t fly on my blog.

      First and foremost, I bankroll my blog through my many years of hard work. I have reached a point in my life that I have gotten and lived more than most people do. To say that I have been very blessed and fortunate is an understatement of great proportions.

      There are many individuals that generously contribute to my blogging activities regularly with whatever they can. I appreciate each and every contribution because they contribute because they feel that what I’m doing is beneficial to them somehow. In fact, you at one time, contributed to my blogging activities without me asking you to do so.

      You attempt to insinuate that I am being bankrolled by someone. That is an outright lie. Please feel free to prove me wrong.

      Now what I find interesting is that when I wrote about your family’s business activities with the city you immediately insinuated that I was wrong because I did not include all of your family’s business names. I noticed that after you wrote that and although you continue to insinuate that; you haven’t bothered to list the company names or actually prove me wrong. If I was wrong you could have embarrassed me by putting up facts. You haven’t.

      Now you seem to be trying to dissuade me from taking your own advice and asking for information about other company names your family might be operating under. Why is that?

      It’s not about you. It is about community misinformation and propaganda. It is about how the public agenda is driven by various means; a significant part of that is the use of useful idiots that do it knowingly or unknowingly, as a quid pro quo or just because it makes them feel important. It is as simple as that.


  2. David k says:

    Speaking of agendas…

    How come agenda Item 14B is all about your money order problem? You don’t have contact with Emma Acosta, but she’s taking up your cause. Eddie Holguin as well.

    Don’t lie about who you are working for – we know. It comes out in council, it comes out in the media and it comes out in the comments section of all the blogs. You’re saying what they are saying and they are saying what you are saying – it’s kind of obvious. Everybody knows exactly who tells you what you can and can not write about.

    And I’m not going to help you slander my parents. I’m trying to save you from yourself.

    speaking of misinformation – how many times have you gotten the facts wrong on this blog? How many times have you gotten things wrong about me alone? If you want to battle misinformation – stop blogging.

    • Oh, David you make it way too easy. It is as simple as them reading my blog or someone sharing it with her. As for slander, you, more than anyone else knows about slander considering that you have published an apology letter on your blog and recently retracted a statement on your blog.

      You might want to ask your “attorney friends” to explain to you how the truth is an absolute defense.

      As for getting things wrong, you, like everyone else is more than welcome to point out the “wrong facts” I have written on my blog. I stand by everything I have written and, unlike you I have never been forced to issue an apology to someone because I lied about them.

      It is easy to throw out “how many times have you gotten the facts wrong” but it is very different to back that up with facts. You make my point about useful idiots. Useful idiots make up things, or outright lie to mask the truth. The trouble with lies is that the truth always comes out no matter how hard useful idiots try to keep it hidden. For useful idiots the truth is an inconvenience.

      Give it up. And for the record, I had no knowledge nor did I participate in any shape or fashion in regards to today’s agenda item on open records. I am grateful, though, that Acosta, Holguin and Limon are taking the time to ensure that government transparency shines at the city and that the people’s right to know is not only acknowledged but also encouraged. That, there specifically is what useful idiots fear the most; government transparency because with government transparency there is no more use for useful idiots.


      • David k says:

        Martin – I didn’t retract any statement at all on my blog. I simply put a censored warning over two words because a lawyer was offended by those two words. My meaning was still the same – just because you blur out boobs, doesn’t mean there aren’t boobs there!

        I felt bad for Stewart Leeds apologized for hurting his feelings, which is much different than slandering someone. Had I slandered him, we’d have had a trial. But the fact is – they dropped the suit. You are innacurate again. HOw many times do I have to show you these things?

        I’m glad you stand by your innacuracies. If there’s one thing better than a liar, it’s a stubborn liar.

        Martin – they didn’t read your blog to find out about the two items they asked about in relation to your open records requests that have never appeared on your blog. I have all of your open records requests and I know exactly which ones they were referring to!

  3.'s me says:

    Wait a minute DK,
    Yesterday you said 14B was about Limon being upset about having to comply with ORR.
    Today you say it’s about money orders.

    Sheesh boy, you change positions just as often as the K’s change company names…

  4. David k says:

    Oh, it was all about me in the context of why my open records request turn into blogging gold and Martins’ don’t. Limon made that very clear to people within her circle that love to tell me everything that’s going on with her.

  5. Intheknow says:

    Give it up David, you’ve been schooled!

    • David k says:

      did you not see council today? martin got caught lying again… If this is getting schooled, then I’m okay with it.

      Poor martin.

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