Election Season Starting: Stable of Useful Idiots Increased by One – El Paso News Organization

Election Season Starting: Stable of Useful Idiots Increased by One

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2 Responses

  1. Jay Koester says:


    I know — because of your experience in such things — that you have connected the dots, and I thank you for being enough of a patriot to keep secret about what you discovered as to my whereabouts from March 2003 to August 2007.

    I suppose it wasn’t too difficult. I mean, how to explain suddenly showing up in August 2007 tan, muscular and speaking at least five languages? And then, out of nowhere, gaining a job at what is widely known as the best magazine in the Army? It’s too obvious. We’ve all seen “Zero Dark Thirty.”

    I’ve said too much. But, again, thank you for your patriotism.

    — Jay Koester

  2. Henry Plumber says:

    To be a government operative the only thing you need to do is NOT update your LinkedIn profile? Shit…I don’t even have a LinkedIn profile. I’m guess I’m borderline Jason Bourne.

    I’ll connect the dots here. There is a guy in Florida…that isn’t in El Paso…that blogs about El Paso…his sources are local news websites…because, again, this guy doesn’t live in El Paso…he then criticizes those local news organizations he uses to gather his “news”…then “connects the dots” by making up the rest of the “news”…then calls it “El Paso news”…interesting. Not interesting as in interesting but interesting as in dumb.

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