David Karlsruher Makes My Point About the Local Media

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  1. David k says:


    I read all of that, but I’m still not sure what your point is. You need some kind of declarative sentence telling us what you want us to know. Are you trying to say that the media is controlled by Joyce Wilson and thus didn’t report her resignation in a timely manner? they all reported it via their web presence the same night Karla did, so you’re point lacks evidence there… evidence you provide with your own write-up

    Just becaues karla at the El Dario tweets that the city manager is going to resign doesn’t mean that TV news should include it in the first five minutes of their newscast. You may have never worked in a newsroom, but I have. In order to run a story you need a minimum of one reliable source willing to give you a quote to run a story. Most respectable news outlets require two. If they can’t get anyone to talk into the camera, they don’t have a story.

    And… You fail to realize that Joyce Wilson said way back in the summer time that she was done when her contract was done. Nobody is going to break into programming to report something everyone already knew.

    You’re just pissed because your handlers told you that her contract was up in January of 2014 and they were wrong. She’s here until September of 2014… which makes the news of her leaving all that less news worthy. Even the Dario backpaged the story after it came out that she wasn’t leaving for a year, so your whole rant should be at Karla, not the english speaking media.

    I was hoping you were going to talk about parking!

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    I think the declarative sentence Martin is trying to say is that El Paso lacks a credible investigative news source, one that isn’t beholden to the Shadow Government or even the regular one. The old NPT used to do a good job at ferreting out stories before they were stories, and ones the Times would not run. I agree with Martin that the Time is pretty much an extension of the PIO in city hall, not that Wilson tells them what to write but that they write what Wilson would want them to write, like it was a good deal for the taxpayers to buy their p-o-s building for its asking price and they would hype the AAA deal.

    • David k says:

      I’d like to believe that the El Paso Times is in the city’s pocket, but the evidence just isn’t there. The EP Times ran the story before the press conference and used nothing but quotes from people who hate her. If the Times is functioning as an extension of the city’s PIO office, they suck at it.

      • Patricia Martinez says:

        You’re missing the biggest piece of evidence that the EP Times is under Joyce Wilson’s thumb… Martin told you they are.

  3. Rotten Peppers says:

    My point is that the city needs more sources of investigative journalism and the Times is generally not that, especially when they owe city hall such a big debt for taking their white elephant building off their hands at, effectively, asking price. Meunch is still calling people who question the stadium business case “crazies” and “livids.” There is probably a codicil in the purchase contract that obligates the Times to denigrate anyone who questions city hall decisions.

  4. Henry Plumber says:

    If Twatter isn’t helping push breaking news then what is? Twatter is the first source for all breaking news today. All media use their Twatter accounts to get the story out.

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