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The Ballpark Debt That Keeps on Giving

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  1. Carl Starr says:

    Yes its very confusing, I think the city suing itself via a 1205 was the first 1205 hearing for the Austin Judge and he wanted to keep the ruling simple and narrow.

    It would be something if the ‘crazies’ were right afterall.

    I even wonder about new untested law allowing locals to fund branch of Homeland Security ie CBP.

    No doubt a business funding CBP blurs lines. No doubt some CBP officer may try to sue the city.

    Anyways we should know in about 7 days if the Bonds have sold.

    It was sad to see the county has decided to follow city [re bus funds for Luther rehab] and raid other capital bonds to fund sheriff radios. I posted a AG OP link before showing CO’s can only be used for what they were created.

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