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The Foster and Hunt economics of Triple-A

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  1. texashale says:

    Well, to sound like a crazy, this really is part of Agenda 21. What they do (all thee cities that El Paso claims are doing it too) is they revitalize downtown. They put in a sports stadium, something they KNOW will fail.When it does fail, it causes an economic disaster area of downtown. Once the city says it is economically destitute, a whole bunch of new regulations kick in which basically allows the city to steal the properties downtown and essentially giving it to the NGO’s (Non-governmental organization– think Foster and Hunt, the city council’s favorite NGO’s.) BTW, Foster already owns much of downtown. The plan thereafter is to create these mixed use zones — apartments upstairs, stores downstairs. This BTW, is the reason they needed that new proposition we are voting on now to allow alcohol on mixed use zones…

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