The Drug Capital of the World can’t even test the drugs! – El Paso News Organization

The Drug Capital of the World can’t even test the drugs!

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3 Responses

  1. jaime says:

    Although I’m not willing to make the leap you are making you make some valid points. I think it is sheer incompetence like everything in El Paso. 😈

  2. Martin,

    This is indeed one of the finest things you have written. Everything you say is well documented and exactly on point.

    As a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, it is beyond my comprehension that city officials do not know or care that one of their departments (the PD crime lab) is operating at sub-standard levels, the one department that has the ability to put people in jail, charge them with crimes, set bonds (under DIMS) and throw away the key.

    City Rep. Steve Ortega, a purported lawyer, was quoted as saying that since he wasn’t told of the scandal earlier, it must mean it is no big deal. What kind of logic is that?

    El Paso District Attorney Jaime Esparza said that he plans to go forward despite the fact that the lab’s results cannot be trusted. His response should be that they are sending all results out to an independent lab and will be reevaluating the cases. He even puts the onus on defense attorneys.

    All this in a city that is a major corridor for drugs in the US. f the Juarez mayor and Da and police lab came out and made such outrageous statements what would we be saying?

  3. BMF says:

    Connecting the dots.

    EVERYONE you mentioned in the article is in on it.

    Good Job Martin!

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