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Election Analysis: District 1

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  1. BMF says:

    This is not a fact because it is not true, “the fact remains that more voters participated in the run-off then in the general election”.

    More people voted in the general than in the runoff.

    Lilly is a known commodity which is why her vote totals were almost the exact same. Ness received more votes in the runoff because they were anti Lilly votes. If Ness wasn’t such a terrible candidate and didn’t owe the IRS $200,000 more people would have voted and she would have destroyed Lilly. The FACT is people stayed home as opposed to holding their nose and voting for Ness. She absolutely FAILED at mobilizing the vote because if the same number of voters show up to vote in the runoff as the general election, she wins easily. In fact it is obvious that Lilly did a much better job mobilizing voters because she is a known commodity and she received more votes in the runoff with FEWER people voting.

    Damn, was your article really an analysis? Get your facts straight before you waste all that time.

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