Arditti not guilty on all counts – El Paso News Organization

Arditti not guilty on all counts

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  1. voyagergirl says:

    Congratulation to Theresa and Stuart on their victory! Jaime Esparza deserved to get spanked for bringing this political prosecution to trial. If he’d had a lick of sense, he’d have dismissed this case long ago… but no, he has no sense. Great job, Theresa and Stuart!! Judge Arditti has been vindicated!

  2. apache says:

    This was not a spanking this was a full out beating, Esparza became aware of the impending beating when he found out that members of his staff were pulling for Theresa, Leeds and Judge Arditti, in fact the entire courthouse were on Ms Caballero and Mr Leeds side but the fool jumped right into the fire CABALLERO FOR DA

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