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Political Bribe Takers Beware 0

Political Bribe Takers Beware

Author: Katherine LeChat Editor’s Note: Because of the nature of the author’s employment, the author has requested that their real name not be used. This is part 1 of a two part series. Part...

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth 0

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Author: Theresa Caballero Every other week we are told that the mayor is in Washington D.C. or in Mexico City onbusiness.  Lately, the explanations for the trips to Washington D.C. are that the mayor...

Diversity, the Stagnation of Society 0

Diversity, the Stagnation of Society

The “Diversity in the Media” awarded to the El Paso Times editor recently has focused attention on the stagnation of US society. “Diversity”, a noun pointing out that someone is different, focuses on the...

The Water Lie 0

The Water Lie

Most of us remember what we were doing the morning of September 11, 2001. This writer was on her way to the county court house ready to go into trial.  I was representing an...

A Resounding NO to Briones 0

A Resounding NO to Briones

Author: Martin Paredes Greg Freyermuth, on his radio talk show, KTSM 690AM brought up a novel approach to taking back control of local government. Today is the 3rd day of early voting for the...

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